Corner Time Blackjack

While I was out rooting around and playing in oil, I discovered this nifty set of rules for a game Poppy calls Corner Time Blackjack. Basically, what to do when you’re nose-in-corner and want some more emphatically negative attention:

As you know Black Jack is a game where one must get cards as close as possible to twenty one without going over, if you go over you go bust or in other words, you lose.

Your first job is to pick a number – I suggest go low. Let us imagine you pick “three.”

You must now try to get three warnings of admonishments without further sanction. Threats of sanctions do not count. Here is an insight into how the game may be played.

Innocent girl (henceforth to be known as IG) is in the corner, in position, hands behind her back, skirt tucked up, knickers at mid thigh, and nose in the corner.

Nefarious man (henceforth to be known as NM) is sitting elsewhere in the room, maybe at his computer or pinning butterflies to a board.

IG cannot see NM for obvious reasons. Sometimes NM may glance at her but she will not know when that is.

IG has picked a number, in this case, as discussed earlier she has picked three.

Slowly she allows her skirt to creep down her legs. She does this tiny bit at a time, no great drop, or obvious change. She must be aiming for not being caught because if she lacks subtlety in her ingenious game then her bottom is forfeit. I did not warn you that the stakes are high but indeed they are…

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  1. Poppy commented on October 6th, 2011:

    I am tickled pink you linked to this. I shall be sure to tell the man that puts me in a corner that I have a seal of approval from you and he may not spank me when he (finally) catches me being naughty.

  2. SpankBoss commented on October 6th, 2011:

    Heh… I’m not sure how that will work out for you when the truth comes out!

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