There’s More Than One Way…

…to keep a girl quiet during her riding crop spanking! As Pandora Blake knows:

She took them very well, kneeling with bottom nicely presented while she gripped the headboard of my bed. I enjoy her reactions – not a lot of noise and fuss, but some lovely wriggling and grimacing as she processes the pain. As we were on about number four, D knocked on the bedroom door and ended up watching me give the final two.

Afterwards I had the pleasure of seeing her take her jeans down and reveal the results of my labours. The stripes were lovely – as was the confidence boost of knowing I’d judged the strength about right even through her jeans.

I invited D to take over, but he had other ideas… which kept Jacq’s mouth full and left her bottom available to me. I wasn’t complaining. I took the opportunity to distract her in several ways, one of which involved swapping to the heavier crop.

  1. Pandora Blake commented on November 10th, 2011:

    Hee hee. Glad to know you’re enjoying reading about our adventures! I love the dynamics that are arising within the group, with subtle differences in each of the configurations. M/D/Jacq certainly seems to involve her mouth being full an awful lot. ;)

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