Saying “Fuck You” To The Man With The Belt

Abusive language. It’s poison in a relationship. Fortunately there’s a cure:

He says: What you did was real bad. That is the worst word and it is really bad that you said it to me.

I say: I know. I’m sorry. (hoping to gain some grace in this spanking)

He says: I know you are sorry but not as sorry as you are going to be.

I think: Ughh

He lifts up his hand and brings it down quickly with a loud smack.

I yell: Oww, come on.

He begins to spank first on the right cheek and then on the left. He lays down a pattern of pink hand prints all over my bottom. I am squirming around and trying to avoid the fury of spanks that are lashing out on my back side.

I begin to yell out each time he spanks and then he keeps spanking and he goes to that very sensitive spot near my thighs. I can’t stand it. I begin to plead with him.

I say: I am sorry honey. Please stop.

He says: Sure you are sorry now but we have only begun sweetheart.

He says: Get up!

I stand at his command and wonder what else he has in store. He goes to the dresser and pulls out his belt. The big black belt. I think: Oh my God. Why… the belt.

I kinda yell: Nooooo. Not that. I’m sorry honey.

He says: I told you that that word is not to be used, ever!

I am standing there dredding the next moments.

He goes to the bed and places some pillows in a pile. He motions for me to come over to the bed. I very slowly meander over there.

He says: Get on the bed and over those pillows. I want that bottom up high do you hear me?

I moan and sulk. I slowly get on the bed and lay myself over the pillows. I am wishing that time would go faster and all of this would be over.

He places his hand in the small of my back. I am still.

He says: You are going to get 50 licks with this belt. You probably won’t be sitting much at work tomorrow but this should help you remember to watch your language.

From NaughtyNey.

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