Polymorphously Perverse Spanking Scene

These days, porn is all niched to hell, and the producers don’t mix any fetishes — you wouldn’t want to put off a paying customer by putting something in there that wasn’t a specific component of his or her fantasy. But back in the day — way back in the day — the mob guys who were running the show didn’t care two figs about the kinks they were making bank with; they just wanted to put content in those sleazy big city bookstores that would appeal to as many different customers as possible. And, they weren’t exactly worried about competition — it was most emphatically a seller’s market.

Those were the conditions in the early 1970s when you could get a Bill Ward stroke book cover that looked like this:

Polymorphously perverse spanking on the cover of Torrid Teens In The Torture House

Spanking, whipping, paddling, women in chains, male spankers, female spankers, femdom, and I don’t know what those two guys on the right are about to start doing…

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  1. cornerthyme commented on May 6th, 2011:

    Looks like a great play party

  2. Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia #28 – Bondage Blog commented on May 6th, 2011:

    […] was the swinger era, baby! Nobody cared who did what to whom. Nor did they care how many women were dangling from chains in the background while they did […]

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