Public Spankings For Patriots

In which some revolutionary ladies arrange to make a public spectacle of themselves to delay the British, and give General Washington time to regroup:

The courtyard of the rectory was filled with grinning bystanders. Rebecca stood humbly on the porch clad in nothing but a flimsy towel, while Lady Catty made her announcement.

“Good people of the town,” Lady Catty said. “I present to you, Rebecca, the minister’s daughter!”

She reached over and roughly tore off the towel, as if she were unveiling a statue. The crowd erupted in whistles and applause as Rebecca’s naked form came into view.

“She’s a natural redhead sure enough,” one man exclaimed. “I win the bet!”

“Her face is as red as her hair,” another man said.

“She doesn’t look so high and mighty now, does she?” one old crone said, her voice dripping with satisfaction.

“She won’t look so fancy dancing under the switch either,” another woman added. “Magistrate Canewell is going to teach her a lesson in manners, from what I hear.”

“Mistress Rebecca is going to dance a vigorous jig once Canewell starts laying the stripes across her pampered, spoiled bottom,” the old crone said, gleefully. “Imagine! The Minister’s daughter wiggling her bare arse and kicking her legs in front of every man
in town!”

Rebecca tried to crouch to cover her nakedness, but Lady Snobbé kept her hand on the back of her neck as she marched her to her carriage. Rebecca made a move to get inside, but Lady Snobbé SMACKED! her bottom.

“This carriage is reserved for respectable, DECENT women,” Lady Snobbé said, huffily. “Strumpets follow behind!”

The story is Stripping For Their Country by Joe Doe.

  1. C. Lakewood commented on April 26th, 2011:

    The author’s name is JOE Doe.

  2. SpankBoss commented on April 28th, 2011:

    Fixed it.

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