Five Minutes Of Hairbrush Spanking

Poor Miranda! Apparently she bet on the wrong driver, who didn’t drive quite fast enough. And she “won” five minutes with the hairbrush:

Five minutes and hairbrush may not sound much, but I can assure you that Felicia is good at making the most of her time.

After the race I had to present myself, knickers down, to lie in her lap. If you didn’t know it, smacking a bottom really hard and really quick with a hairbrush causes an intense sense of pain. Already after a couple of seconds.

As I said, she made the most of the situation and kept on smacking me for the whole time as if her life depended on it.

I am regularly a very obedient spankee, lying still and not protesting. But her onslaught made me both cringe and wriggle and make all sorts of silly and pathetic sounds.

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  1. Molly commented on April 6th, 2011:

    Ohhhh no….more hairbrush hell. LOL


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