Public Spanking Is All Right

It’s not everywhere in the world that a fellow would get away with this:

One night we were out and about and going to the pub. Guess who had a new rape alarm? Guess who thought it was fun to set it off every two minutes?

After a very stern, and perhaps a bit pompous, telling off, a very chastened friend put her rape alarm away. Only to get it out five minutes later and set it off in yours truly’s ear.

Less than a minute later she was over a knee in the street getting a spanking on the seat of her skirt. This was in a busy community where everyone knew everyone. In mid spank a mutual friend, a town councillor, came down the street on his bike, did a double take and said: “good evening.”

Raised arm in mid spank turned into an awkward wave. She looks up with a face that is probably far redder than her bottom and says in a little girl voice; “It’s alright I was naughty.”

“Well that’s alright then,” says the bemused councillor and hurried away.

From A Voice In The Corner.

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