Spanking Personals For Male Spankees

Hey everybody, Bethie asked me to pass the news about her latest project. It’s called Bottom Seek, and it’s a spanking personals site with a ton of social networking features “for male spankees and the people who spank them.”

One of the things Bethie has learned while running spanking personals sites is that there are some seriously under-served and under-appreciated sub-niches in our spanking fetish. And one of these is in the area of men who want to be spanked: there seem to be a lot of of them, and they seem to have trouble finding anybody to spank them, and they don’t always mix easily and comfortably with the rest of the spanking community. (Often they do, but not always.) Whether they are looking for a woman to spank them, or another guy, these male spankees don’t always get treated with respect by the more “traditional” dominant male spankers and submissive female spankees, the result being that Bethie has spent a fair amount of time sorting out culture clashes between these groups when they interact.

Hence: BottomSeek. It’s intended primarily as a site for guys who want to be spanked and people who want to spank guys. The software has a ton of integrated social features, and as Bethie explains:

BottomSeek is a spanking partner search site created specifically for male spankees and the men and women who enjoy spanking them. It’s a multi-featured site that includes chat, IM, forums, member created blog capability, photo uploading with various album options, multiple search options for finding that right spanking partner, and it even has a phone app available for downloading.

After a short term Free Promotional Membership there’s a small charge for membership. I think it’s small anyway. The memberships are $2.95/month or less than $2/month if you choose a longer term membership.

If you are a male spankee, a man or woman who enjoys spanking male bottoms, or are just curious come by and take a tour. Right now I’m offering a free 10 Day Promotional Membership. That should give you time to take a good look around, try out the features, and get a good idea of what I’m trying to build. If you have any feedback, please, use the Contact link in the Help menu on BottomSeek to let me know what you think. I’d really appreciate it as I’m still tweaking the site just a little.

Bethie’s a little nervous about the idea of charging for this new site, but I encouraged her. I was afraid she’d be overwhelmed if she tried to grow a second community in her “free time”, this time using software that wasn’t free and that is going to be much more intense on server resources and bandwidth because of all the nifty social-networking features. But the price she’s charging is only about 10% of what traditional commercial dating sites charge, which means it will still be an enormous bargain if the community takes off and works. That’s only going to happen, though, if she can afford to put the time into it. So, building a little bit of revenue into the plan seemed essential.

So, are you a guy who wants to be spanked? Or somebody who likes spanking man-butt? Get to BottomSeek! And remember, the sooner you get there, the more likely you are to get that perfect member-name before somebody else beats you to it…

  1. Roy commented on February 23rd, 2011:

    Good for her. Now, make one just for men who spank and straight women who want to be spanked! I would pay.

  2. SpankBoss commented on February 23rd, 2011:

    Stay tuned, Roy; Bethie has an eventual scheme to do a site like Bottomseek for the M/f seekers.

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