Would You Like A Public Spanking?

Because this girl sure got one, right on a park bench in a busy city:

otk spanked on a bench in a city park

From Public Disgrace.

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  1. Sir Neeros commented on December 31st, 2010:

    Can someone explain to me how they get away with that without getting arrested for public indecency? Where is this stuff shot?

  2. SpankBoss commented on December 31st, 2010:

    Sir Neeros, it’s shot in a mix of places. The outdoor shoots are usually in Europe, often in Berlin or Prague, where people are much more relaxed about public sex than in the U.S., but they’ve done shoots in San Francisco too. They also do a lot of semi-controlled shoots, where the area looks public, but the immediate area is blocked off in ways not visible on camera, so you’re looking at public scenery but the only people nearby are people they’ve invited onto the “set area”.

    Bondage Blog did a detailed post about this when the site was fairly new and controversial: How And Where To Shoot Public Bondage. It includes a statement from Kink.com’s Peter Ackworth and quite a bit of detail on how they manage the shoots.

  3. Abby commented on January 23rd, 2013:

    I’m intrigued about “the idea of being spanked in a public place but not getting caught.” On the other hand, I don’t think I would mind being seen receiving a spanking in public, as long as it was a stranger that spotted us and not someone I knew.

    Anyway, here’s a personal real life story with a woulda/coulda/shoulda twist: It was just before the holidays and our 8-year-old was playing at a friend’s house for the afternoon, so my husband, Alex, and I went window shopping for pre-owned SUVs at the Lexus dealer in Boulder. (I’ve been driving the same car for 7 years now, and would love a Honda or Lexus SUV hybrid.) We were walking around the vehicle lot outside and a salesmen came out to help us. He was an older gentleman, maybe 60, distinguished and very friendly. I told him exactly what I was looking for, and what do you know? He took us to the exact model, in the exact color, with the exact options, and it was a hybrid to boot. I was thrilled and told him I was ready to drive it home on the spot. Alex just glared at me. I didn’t know why he was glaring, so I proceeded to throw a minor tantrum and told him I was sick and tired of driving the same car for so many years. The salesmen told us he’d let us talk privately and then walked about 10 yards away with his back turned to us. When he was out of earshot, Alex let me know that I’d just committed a major faux pas by letting the salesman know how bad I wanted that car. He said we might as well go home because we’d never negotiate a good deal now. I tried to lighten the moment by suggesting I was probably in for a spanking when we got home. Alex didn’t even smile.

    Then another thought crossed my mind: I said, “Alex, if you’re really that upset with me, you should just sit down inside that SUV, pull me over your lap, hike up my skirt, and give me the bare-bottom spanking I deserve right here in front of that salesman.” Alex most definitely smiled at that suggestion. But he wouldn’t believe I was serious, and to be honest, I probably wasn’t serious at the exact moment I said it.

    But later, I thought to myself how naughty it would have been if Alex had actually done it. And now, I truly wish he had. I can just imagine the disbelieving look on that salesman’s face. Or alternatively, he might be grinning ear to ear, while I walked back to the car with Alex and looked at the ground in mock shame. I might even discreetly rub my bottom a little bit as we walked!

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