Sneaker Spanked

Violet Blue has found a surprisingly sexy Youtube video that’s a Foot Locker commercial featuring a fully clothed very dominant woman spanking a man with a sneaker. She writes:

I love the way she is dressed. I love the way he reacts. This is hot. Love it, Foot Locker. I’m guessing you’ll agree: ads that feature sex don’t need to have T&A, lingerie, or anything NSFW to be incredibly dirty, very hot and quite effective. All about the biggest sex organ, our brains.

I’m not going to embed — every time I do that, it’s like the YouTube video is gone in hours — but hopefully the link will persist for a bit.

foot locker spanking commercial

  1. Bodack commented on December 20th, 2010:

    It is a funny commercial but I don’t think it makes me want to buy anything from their store.

  2. Mitch commented on December 20th, 2010:

    This is a cute commercial, and was out on You Tube 6-8 months ago. It has yet to be taken down. I guess it doesn’t cross that mysterious acceptance (censorship) line that You Tube invokes. I’ve never seen it on TV, though, and wonder if it’s a bit too risque for American TV stations. Perhaps it’s run in Canada, Europe, etc.?

  3. Scott commented on December 26th, 2010:

    I saw it here recently in New Zealand. Although only once so far.

  4. TheFan commented on December 29th, 2010:

    In Germany you can see it on television. Love it!

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