Birched Naked Male Student

Here’s a rare pare of links featuring M/m spanking. I know a few of you like this sort of thing, and though it’s outside the usual Spanking Blog editorial remit, I make the odd exception for links of exceptional quality. I think this pair of photos qualifies.

The scene is a study. A naked young man stands in a sitz bath before a roaring fire. A very severe tutor in academic gowns is lecturing him, and gesturing with a nasty looking bundle of birch rods.

In the next picture, he’s moved the bath, and he’s now bent over a chair before the fire. The rods are in use, and his wet bottom is turning red.

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  1. Bodack commented on November 24th, 2010:

    By the way his legs are kicking it must really hurt. Too bad it isn’t F/F.

  2. SpankBoss commented on November 24th, 2010:

    Too bad? No, I don’t really think so.

    Shit, man, I give you M/f spanking stuff day in, day out, probably 340 days a year. And you gotta regret that the content of this one post might be designed to make somebody else happy?


  3. cc commented on November 24th, 2010:

    I for one, have never failed to be pleased by the M/M stuff you post. Maybe because it’s so rare that it’s always extraordinary quality. But from a kink standpoint, there’s a different power dynamic in works like that I like because it focuses more on the scene and spanking and less on the viewer’s gaze and sexual male-female power dynamics which can sometimes turn me off some of the M/F (or even F/F) stuff.

    I’ll stop before I start on a soap box, but philosophy aside, it’s a great post and would love to see more like it. So bravo.

    (It probably helps that the man getting it is extraordinarily pretty like a woman.)

  4. SpankBoss commented on November 24th, 2010:

    Thanks, cc.

    Interesting you should mention the sexual power dynamics; given my “adult erotic spanking at its best” blog subtitle, it’s fair to say I’m always actively in search of spanking porn that has those dynamics on display. It’s what I like. So it’s interesting to hear from a reader who is looking for something else, at least some of the time.

  5. Jenni commented on November 24th, 2010:

    I like this one…note the onlookers in the doorway.

  6. Bodack commented on November 24th, 2010:

    @spankboss. Take a chill pill dude! Did I say you shouldn’t have this on your site? I wouldn’t have commented on it if I hadn’t on some level find it interesting. Like the fact he is really kicking. But yes it would have been more entertaining to me if it had been F/F.

  7. SpankBoss commented on November 24th, 2010:

    I’m plenty chill. But yeah, the way I see it, you sorta did try to suggest I shouldn’t have posted this. Maybe not what you meant, but definitely how I took it.

    It’s a logic thing. I expressly explained that this post was for a limited subset of my audience. You said it was “too bad” the post wasn’t the same stuff I post for my general audience. To me, that implied you don’t think I ought to have posted for the specialized taste, or why express regret about my decision? Me: “I’m going to post something different.” You: “Too bad it wasn’t the same.”

    See how I could take that wrong?

    I’m gathering from your follow up that what you actually meant was something like “I’d like to see that same scene, only with a girl” — and if so, we agree. But we are not the target audience for this post. ;-)

  8. cc commented on November 24th, 2010:

    Spankboss, I’ll clarify. It’s not at all a statement against this blog or what’s being posted; I first want to say that. I’ve been a long time lurker, on and off again commenter. I adore this place. :)

    But what I was talking about is a little tricky to explain. Ultimately it comes down to how the female (or, globally, bottom party) comes across. Yes, there are still power dynamics in any spanking work, one’s the tutor, one’s the naughty pupil. One’s the angry spouse, one’s the partner sneaking in late. But in a social context, there also is a historical and social non-sexual power dynamic between males and females. But in a some of M/F work, whether, visual like images/video, or written erotica it come across as very much that the man has this obvious superiority and the woman is either this silly little idiot or this worthless slut.

    There is a major difference, I’m sure we’d all agree between the female being spanked versus the female just being degraded. And while it’s a major difference, it can artistically sometimes be a bit of a fine line and really, a different line for every viewer depending on their own experience.

    It’s a problem that exists with a lot of porn, not just spanking porn, but since this sort of fetish already lends towards portrayal of those in a position of power vs those not, younger role play (high school students, cheerleaders, etc), and that some degree of humiliation is inherent to it, it’s all the more important how the relationship dynamic is addressed. And again, I say i’m not a big fan of humiliation, and it’s someone else’s hot button, so different strokes, right? (pun completely kept in there)

    It can be psychologically difficult sometimes, when one considers oneself a strong, confident, professional female to reconcile with this fetish particularly (perhaps others, I’m not as well versed, I’ll admit). I’m also one of those women who relishes her femininity like it’s a weapon yet sexually enjoys bottoming. I see the “submissive” role as actually a very powerful one. And maybe it’s more I’m a bottom or a hedonist than a submissive.

    I’m not saying there’s not degradation in F/F, or F/M, or M/M stuff or that there’s not stuff in any of those categories that I like, regardless of what I’ve rambled on about, because it’s complicated, like I’ve said. But, I personally find that M/M stuff tends to convey a little more of an egalitarian relationship outside of the actual spanking itself. And that’s a lot to draw from an image, but it can really come across in written work.

    Part of it might be demographic. F/F and M/F tend to be targeted more towards a male demographic while M/M is targetted a bit more towards women (and gay men) and lesbians and F/M sort of fall in one category or another. But I dunno. That’s kind of what I meant by my soapbox.

    It’s not a global condemnation of anyone, a push to change posting habits (although. more of this would not be unwelcome ;D) or some broad sociological work (I’m a scientist, not an anthropologist), but it is personal preference and perhaps conversation.

  9. SpankBoss commented on November 24th, 2010:

    cc, I totally get what you are saying. It’s important to avoid overgeneralization, as you were careful to do, but I can think of broad swaths of M/f spanking porn that do indeed infantilize or otherwise diminish the submissive female spankee. And although that could be a fetish all its own, my suspicion is that it’s actually the unconscious byproduct of attitudes and beliefs manifested in the particular dominant male dude pornographers who are making that porn.

    As it happens, when you spend as much time on the Tumblrs as I do, you see a lot of strange things. And I’ve seen some gay porn that’s every bit as infantilizing and diminishing of the submissive “twink” bottomy male models as the worst of anything I’ve seen in M/f BDSM. But I’ve also seen some gay porn that is more egalitarian than most M/f BDSM, which is why I think I know what you’re getting at.

  10. Bodack commented on November 24th, 2010:

    Ok, I worded it poorly. I am sorry that it was taken wrong.

  11. SpankBoss commented on November 25th, 2010:

    No worries, Bodack.

  12. Emily commented on January 10th, 2011:

    I get what cc is saying, ad I often feel the same. With submissive women, especially m/f, there is the worry that there’s a “all women should be treated this way because women are submissive and made to be used/spanked/etc” running through it. Because women *have* just been used and treated as secondary citizens for so long it has an extra, and deeply unpleasant for me, power dynamic in it.

    I find m/m much easier to watch because that underlying thing does not exist. It’s just two people, one submissive and one dominant. And even if one of them *is* being treated like they have no rights as a human (like the “humiliated twink” type you mentioned) there is never the same worry that the person making it, or some of the people watching it, are firmly of the opinion that that is what *all* men are for. Whereas when a woman is shown being dominated by a man there’s a bit of “yeah…that’s what you do with ’em” feeling about it in some porn.”

    Anyway, I do love this site and I will get off my soap-box now as well :p

  13. SpankBoss commented on January 10th, 2011:

    It’s a perfectly legitimate soapbox, and I don’t mind at all. As a male pornographer working daily with BDSM tropes, I encounter the “yeah…that’s what you do with ’em” attitude all the time.

    It’s rather tricky, actually. On the one hand, it’s a perfectly legitimate arrow in the fantasy quiver. Many fantasy scenarios depend, to one extent or another, on a protagonist or a villain or even a whole society that has these attitudes.

    But on the other hand, I’m always having to nuke comments from idiots who have totally lost the bubble and cannot seem to separate the fantasy elements in a specific bit of spanking bloggery from their twisted ideas of how the world ought to work. Or, they’re just trying to bull in with their weird views on the “natural” submissiveness of women. I’ll post some anecdote from a spanked blogger and get a comment going “Yeah! She totally deserved that! In fact, all women should get 100 strokes with a cane if they don’t suck their men off every morning before 6:00 AM…” or some other fantastic nuttery of that sort.

    When I encounter it in porn, I’m inclined to give the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s not sincere. But I’m a man who enjoys a good power imbalance in my favor, so that’s an easy and comfortable assumption for me. I can definitely understand why there’s an attraction in sidestepping the entire issue.

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