“Press Your Delicious Bottom Out…”

It’s amazing what they are writing into the bodice ripper romances these days. I don’t read the things, but when the sex scenes include spanking, I don’t mind hearing about it from people who do:

“Get to your knees.” He went to his and helped her up into a position he wanted to explore.

“What are you going to do?”

“Fuck your cunt from behind.”

“You can do that?” Her head came around to look at him. She had an amazed sparkle in her eyes and he saw her quite the adventurous minx.

“Aye lass, with your permission.”

“Aye Brogan, ye have my permission.” She giggled, making fun of his brogue…

“Ye are a playful lass when cold, are ye not?” He smacked her bottom.

“Ooo” she squealed with excitement.

He lifted the tunic and shirt up. Her shapely rounded bottom faced him with the glow of a split moon. He smacked the cheek of her ass and her reaction intensified.

“Oh again Brogan.”

“Ye like a spanking now, do ye?” He slapped her other cheek and a guttural moan made his cock jut with no satisfaction in getting into her.

He pushed the tunic higher and bent to kiss the inflamed red print on her milky white bottom.

“Press your delicious bottom out so I may charge into your tightness here.”

“I… I can’t.”

He smacked the fleshy cheeks of her ass several blows until the white stained with a red blush. She remained clenched tight until he stopped his spanking and she relaxed. It pushed her bottom out in relief and he thrust his finger into her anus…

From a book called Sword of Rhoswen by Brenda Williamson.

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