Spanking Science

So Hermione and Ron were conducting spanking science experiments the other day with the spray bottle, to test the old “does a wet bottomed spanking hurt more?” theory:

“Let’s start with a dry bottom so I can compare the feeling,” I said as I bent over the end of the bed. Ron eagerly followed my instructions with the leather paddle, and he soon had me squirming. After my bottom was nicely warm and glowing, he put down the paddle and picked up the spray bottle. I felt the rush of water on the back of my head and the sound of spray in my ears.

“Not my head!” I protested. “My bottom!” The spray was redirected and it cooled my hot cheeks. The paddling that followed hurt, but I couldn’t say that it hurt any more (and certainly not less) than the dry paddling.

Obviously more research is needed!

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  1. Bodack commented on October 25th, 2010:

    add a small amount of soap to the water and put it on the paddle.

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