Betrayed And Spanked In 1985

If you can’t trust Rhonda on your Trivial Pursuit team, who can you trust? Nobody, apparently. Cheryl from Positively Spanking tells about a spanking she got from Captain Hook (would I make this up?):

In December, 1985, I turned 25 years old. I went to a New Year’s Eve party given by some friends I bowled with. When we were bowling that Saturday, we were bowling against a pretty good team. On the team was a married couple named Ben and Norma. Ben was a big left hander who had the nickname Captain Hook because of the way his ball broke when he threw it. He had the biggest hook I’d ever seen. Anyway, they mentioned to me that another couple we bowled with, Jeanette and Dennis, were having a party on New Year’s Eve. “Oh, it’s my birthday. Sure, I’ll go.”

As soon as Ben heard it was my birthday, he began to taunt me. He said, when I came back from bowling a strike (my forth in a row) he said “I’m going to put you over my knee and spank you in front of everyone.” “Sure you are, Ben,” I laughed. I noticed that Norma, his wife, didn’t like this talk. “He’ll get drunk and forget,” she assured me. Oh, I hoped not.

Anyway, the night of the party came and I got dressed with care, deciding to wear a pair of gray snakeskin pumps I’d been saving for a special occasion.We’d been eating a lot and drinking a fair amount when someone suggested a game of Trivial Pursuit, still all the rage then. I belonged to a group that played regularly so I was all for it. We played guys against the girls. It was a spirited game and we took it very seriously. However, no one wanted to see the evening disintegrated because of a silly game so we decided there would be no bragging or rubbing it in from the winning team. So a compromise was reached. Dennis, Jeanette’s husband, suggested that if the ladies’ team lost, the captain of the team (me) would get a spanking by the captain of the other team (Ben). “I already promised her one coz it’s her birthday,” Ben said. “She’ll get spanked either way.”

The other ladies–Jeanette, Norma and my friend Rhonda–protested. What if the guys lost? “Yeah, think you can handle getting a spanking, Ben?” I asked. No way. The spanking was only for the ladies. If the guys lost? “We’ll do the dishes,” Dennis volunteered. There was a mountain of them in the kitchen, so of course, the bet was on.

Well, it went down to the last question and we lost. It’s been 25 years and I still think that Rhonda missed that question on purpose. Who doesn’t know that Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin? But I was a good sport. I settled myself over Ben’s ample lap and he counted out 25 pretty good spanks, plus one for good luck. I had on gray pantie hose under the winter white slacks I was wearing but I still felt it. So did Ben. “You have the hardest ass I’ve ever felt,” he said. “Yeah, my dad said the same thing,” I shrugged. “Must be all that horseback riding.”

Anyway, that was the last spanking I got for a long time. I remember Norma was sort of looking on with a jealous expression the whole time her husband was spanking me. He was obviously enjoying it. I was 25, young and firm.

  1. Anne Marie commented on September 18th, 2010:

    In 1963 (I was 16) my boyfriend and I went to the drive in one summer Friday night. During the movie, one of the female characters was spanked by her male co-star. I was sitting on my boyfriend’s lap in the back seat of his fathers HUGE 1959 Buick and found myself enthralled by the events on the screen. “Do that to me” I said to my startled boyfriend. He was only 17 and quite awkward and fumbled around getting me over his lap. He playfully smacked me over my skirt a few times. When I didn’t object he got confident and lifted my skirt, exposing my panties, garter belt and nylons. Some guy was passing by with stuff he had just bought at the concession stand. He must have told everyone he saw what was happening. Before I knew it there was a crowd of guys and girls surrounding the car watching me get spanked. By boyfriend was really into it now and was smacking my ass hard and fast. I was making those embarrassing squeals that girls make in such circumstances, telling him to stop, but it was no use. When he finally stopped they all applauded. My face was as red as my bottom. Over thirty years later, I told my husband about the incident. We were both in our forties and had near grown children. Yeah, you guessed it! We both agreed it would be fun, and over his knee I went. We are both retired now, and still enjoy a little “session” now and then.

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