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Short version: New search box, yay! (Points smugly to upper right corner.)

Long version: Spanking Blog has more than 2,100 posts going back to 2003. Google and the other search engines do a terrible job of indexing them all. At any given time, Google has maybe 500 posts in the active index. The other search engines do even worse.

Meanwhile, it’s been years since Spanking Blog had a search box. Default WordPress search function is pretty poor, and I guess I just never figured anybody would use it. But the deeper my archives get, the harder it gets, even for me, to find things I blogged about years ago. And lately Google has gotten even less reliable about keeping adult sites well-indexed. So, I figured it was time to take matters into my own hands.

The search box is in the header, up there by the email and Twitter icons. Just type in your search term (one word works best, Boolean searching this ain’t) and hit your enter key. You’ll pull up the full text of posts in date order, newest to oldest, and have to page back through them. Sadly, no excerpts and no highlighting of search terms. Yeah, it’s clunky. I’m still looking at plugins that do a better job. But play with it, and let me know if you find any bugs or find any long-lost treasures.

Have fun!

  1. Dan Duffy commented on August 22nd, 2010:

    I remember joining aol for the first time waaaaaaaaaay back in 19-hundred and 96, and entering the word “spank” into a search engine for the first time, half expecting an alarm to go off or a swat team to come swooping in. I was stunned and delighted by the results. I don’t know how many hits there were in ’96, but I’m pretty sure I explored most of them. Does anybody remember Wulfram?

    Life hasn’t been the same since then. And that’s a marvelous thing.

    Spanking Blog rocks.

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