Spanking Greetings From Tyrol

Here’s a movie-poster spanking that could double as a travel postcard. “Greetings from Tyrol!” (By way of Bikini Machines.)

Greetings from Tyrol movie spanking: Liebesgrüô┐Że aus Tirol

IMDB says of the movie:

Austrian actor Peter Weck (quite famous in this country) plays a child psychologist who is offered a job on a castle in Tyrol. There is a catch to it, though: The castle belongs to an eccentric American lady, who thinks that only a father can do this job properly. Dr. Burger (Peter Weck) has no children. In comes a Danish girl called Rena (Gitte Haenning), helping Dr. Burger by pretending that she is his daughter and singing some weird songs like “Die kleinen M├Ądchen haben brav zu sein” (“Small girls have to be good”). That is the basis for a lot of confusions, including a totally illogical spanking scene where Burger and Rena keep pretending as if they were father and daughter, although they are alone in a room.

  1. Chross commented on May 24th, 2010:

    Very nice, I’ll snatch it for the Movie Database!

    The movie clip is here:


  2. Ray commented on September 4th, 2010:

    Very nice! But I wish the skirt was turned back!

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