Spank Her With A…Cactus?

A spanking controversy out of Mexico:

Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez has gotten tangled up in controversy thanks to a track on his new album, “Dos Mundos.” In the song “Unas Nalgadas,” Fernandez moans about wanting to spank the woman who done him wrong – with cactus pads, no less.

Some women might relish the thought of being in the clutches of the mariachi heartthrob – my wife’s hand goes up here. But Malu Micher, director of the Institute for Women in the (Mexico City) Federal District, says the tune promotes violence against women.

“How sad that Mr. Fernandez, who already has a reputation as a womanizer, now comes out with some spankings toward women,” she says, according to People en EspaƱol. “He doesn’t only confirm that macho is normal, but it invites the condition to continue.”

Fernandez says the playful tune is being misunderstood.

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