Caning Kaelah

Remember when Ludwig’s Germanically-precise blogging schedule got blown out of the water after he got harvested by his new Klingon bit of fluff? (Boy, am I glad I’m safely the wrong side of an ocean after talking about Kaelah that way, but I just couldn’t resist the improbable phrasing.) Well, at least we know he (and she) have been busy. The latest evidence? A very nice picture of a caned Kaelah, here. Ludwig says:

t started out as a casual trying out of a new cane, a very thin and flexible kooboo specimen, which I had never used on Kaelah before. I gave her twelve moderate strokes with that one, not too light, not too hard. Then another twelve moderate ones with a dragon cane – I don’t care much for dragon canes myself (too rigid), but I wanted to show the direct contrast between the heavy, blunt implement and the lighter, sharper one. We were cruising along nicely by this point and as the saying goes, all good things are three, so we decided to do yet another dozen, with a regular ratten cane which Kaelah already knew well. It’s my favourite type and falls between the other two in terms of size, rigidity and sensation. The strokes I dished out were somewhat harder this time, gradually increasing in force, and quite hard by the end.

I was about to end the session there, when Kaelah asked me if the last couple of strokes had already been Mood-style severity. “Not quite…” I replied, and instructed her to stand in a different position, in a different part of the room where I had more space to swing. I then gave her another four with the rattan cane, pretty much full force. Three times twelve plus four equals 40, which would be a nice round number to stop. Kaelah gasped and winced under the Mood-style strokes, a little more than previously, but she was still remarkably resilient. “Call me crazy,” she said afterwards, “but they were almost easier to bear, because they feel more blunt somehow…”

“So, you want more, then?” I quipped, mildly incredulous by this point. The reply was silence. I operate by the ground rule that silence denotes agreement (except in cases where it obviously doesn’t), so I positioned myself anew and took aim: “Alright, we’ll make it a full 50!” I added ten final strokes, once again, at full force.

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  1. Haron commented on December 23rd, 2009:

    “Harvested by his new Klingon bit of fluff”? ROTFL Seriously, I can see why you couldn’t resist.

  2. Kaelah commented on December 30th, 2009:

    Are you sure the ocean is wide enough???

    Ludwig’s Klingon bit of fluff
    (gone on a little world trip after leaving the comment)

  3. SpankBoss commented on December 30th, 2009:


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