Spanking In Silent Movies: A Clue

Google has turned up a silent movie spanking reference here that one of you movie-spanking hounds may want to hunt down and screen capture:

Yet audiences clamoured for her [Janet Gaynor] to be paired with the gangling [Charles] Farrell again and Borzage obliged with Lucky Star (1929), a part-talkie that has only recently been restored (albeit without its soundtrack) after years of neglect.

This time, Gaynor plays a country girl who thieves with impunity to keep body and soul together. But Farrell heartily disapproves of her behaviour and gives her a spanking after she swindles a man out of some money. Yet before Gaynor can succumb to such bluff charm, Farrell is dispatched to the Great War…

Update: I should have known. Another quick Google and I discover Chross’s movie spanking database already has an entry for Lucky Star, with a screen cap and a clip:

spanked in the movie Lucky Star

  1. Chross commented on November 28th, 2009:


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