Whipping A Confession Out Of Her

This art is was painted by Norman Saunders in the 1960s for the Battle cards series, and was withdrawn from publication after unwelcome attention in the British House of Commons:

interrogation with a whip

  1. RC commented on November 7th, 2009:

    I can understand the outrage by Members of Parliament:

    The guy with the whip is standing much too close to lay on an effective stroke, and the lovely contours of the woman’s rump are obscured by the title. Nor is the officer in a good position to view her flinching.

    But she is a good looking brunette and her fashion choice is irresistible: blue pencil skirt and white blouse. Perhaps this is what is meant by “piece de Resistance.”

  2. Belmont Stephen commented on November 12th, 2015:

    I agree with RC’s criticism, and also wonder why this young lady was so fully dressed, with her hair interfering with any whip strokes directed at her back. She should be nude and her hair tucked into a bun.

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