Spanking High And Outside

The other day I quoted The Twisted Monk on the vital matter of spanking location, or what he calls the problem of hitting “high and outside”. Now, from The Training Of O, here’s the perfect illustration:

spanking her flank

It’s important to be fair here; since The Training Of O is a fairly heavy-handed BDSM site that has a slave-training theme, and never claims to cater specifically to spanking fetishes, it’s not inappropriate or surprising to see one of their tops administering a painful slap (or whip stroke) to a place that a spanking fetishist would usually leave alone. Thus, this is probably not the clueless porn spanking Monk was making fun of; it just happens to look a whole lot like those clueless porn spankings do. (Spanking Blog: where we nit-pick our own posts to save you the trouble!)

  1. kaya commented on September 30th, 2009:

    “where we nit-pick our own posts to save you the trouble!”

    Good. That leaves us more viewing-pleasure time. :)

  2. Miss Tori commented on October 2nd, 2009:

    This and “bongo” spankings set me on edge. I know sites like Kink cater to a certain buyer, and I don’t expect my spanking needs to be met, but I can’t help feeling that awkward itch and *praying* future newbie spanking partners don’t want to recreate this.

  3. Jonathan Knight commented on October 5th, 2009:

    Lovely position and naked too. Just back from holiday and found a great spanking implement – ever played swing ball? Well the bats have other uses as well. Bit like being spanked with a carpet beater. The erection was well worth it though.

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