She Spied A Spanking

In which Cigli caught her neighbors in the act:

As I came around the corner and turned onto the cul de sac I lived on, I happened to slow down at the end of the block, preparing for the curve that was coming. I slowed down enough to see my neighbors (they lived only four doors down from my house) through opened curtains in the living room. She was dressed in a multi-colored print sundress with her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. He was dressed in a golf shirt and shorts. I was drawn to them. Now, I am no voyeur or anything, but something about this scene got on my “spanking radar”.

Sure enough, he sat down beside her on the sofa and before my mind could even register it, he pulled her sternly over his knee. But, I noticed she was smiling. I think they obviously forgot they hadn’t drawn the curtains. I only saw him spank her on her dress because a car came up behind me and honked at me to get moving, so I never saw the whole scene.

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