Inventive Way To Get More Spanking

Some girls never get enough. Take Justine, for instance:

Well, I was in this teasing mood and I really made Master angry. (I tickled Him, spanked Him and did many other irritating things to Him). And so He grabs our wooden cutting board (which is quite heavy and really painful to get spanked with) and gives me 10 hard ones with it. And It made my bottom red at once. You really should think that my silly mood would have disappeared after that. And it was. For about 5 minutes.

So, I took a look in the mirror … and then I went back in to the kitchen where Master was checking up on the dishwasher. When He’s done He pulls down my pants and takes a really “close-up” look at my bottom. And so I just couldn’t resist pushing out my bottom so my bottom hit Arnold in His face. And the look on His face! OMG, I couldn’t stop laughing! At least not before Master grabbed the cutting board again and gave me 10 new and even harder smacks with it.

  1. Tiggs commented on March 11th, 2009:

    Silly girl! If she wanted more spanking, I’ll bet that all she had to do was ASK, lol!

  2. Justine commented on March 11th, 2009:

    LOL, nah, it wouldn’t be as fun :D

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