The Heady Dangers Of Spanking

Kaya is having fun riffing on the folks who think kinky people are a threat to society:

We get used to hearing that we’re “sick, twisted, damaged, blah blah blah” — but to hear that by the very nature of expressing our sexuality, we’re dangerous to society as a whole? It’s kind of flattering, isn’t it?

Who knew we held so much power? Honestly, my head could begin to swell right now! I am already planning what I’ll do when I take over the world, right after I finish with this very slow, very tedious, very very loooooong process of destroying feminism by bending over for a spanking now and then.

  1. kaya commented on February 26th, 2009:

    When the stats jumped, I knew you’d linked me! Thanks. :D

  2. Jess commented on March 9th, 2009:

    Hey that’s ridiculous! Dangerous to society? Maybe someone forgot to tell them how this is consensual and we want and love to do these things.

    Also I think you can be an active feminist (who just wants equal rights, plain & simple) and a great submissive. I’m actually reading a book you should look at called Full Frontal Feminism.

  3. moi-même commented on March 11th, 2009:

    How is getting the sexuality that you freely choose and that makes you feel satisfied contrary to feminism? I see no contradiction.

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