Lurid Spanking Reminiscences

This reminiscence by PrinceOfHearts is written with a certain inimitable verbal vigor and effusiveness of metaphor, I’ll grant you that. But it doesn’t lack for enthusiasm!

Whenever Jenny and I went away together, we liked to make sure we secured appropriate accommodation, so that we had somewhere private to rush back to when she needed a good, hard, erotic flogging on her infuriatingly sexy behind.

These holiday beatings were always rather exciting affairs, conducted as they were in the fresh sensuality of unfamiliar surroundings and on days filled with the joys of freedom and copious recreational energy. My god how I used to love the hot smell of her bucking rear and her cries of desperate, squealing delight!

Walloping her naked like that over my knee would get me so turned on that I’d have to break the tempo, so as not to pop my champagne cork too soon. I prefer to indulge that particular joy in a controlled fashion, with my twitching cock discharging its aching heat into my spanking wench’s gaping pussy, up her straining bottom, over her heaving breasts or even into her startled face and tousled hair.

So to halt this relentless rise of my manly froth, I would stop the whacking to shift my position, ease the pressure on my swollen balls and lean forward to pinch her fragrant pussy, pouting anus and slippery clit with ingenious and expert pressure. I would really go to town on her private pink spots, tweaking and twisting until she wailed and wept and beat the floor with her fists, pleading with me to stop, begging me to beat her more, if it meant that I would stop the intimate, burning torture of her weakest and most personal places.

Jenny’s little secret fulcrum of devastating shame was her sweet, tight little asshole. One of the most embarrassing things for her about having her knickers taken down was the thought that I could see and even touch this forbidden place. She could hardly endure having her bud tweaked, so private and sensitive was that little opening, and the painful indignity of having foreign objects pushed up it was too much for her to bear without crying out in shame.

Of course it was therefore with the greatest of dominant, masculine pleasure that I would celebrate the end of a particularly exciting punishment session by forcing my white hot, concrete erection up her back passage one excruciating inch at a time.

She would wet herself with mortified excitement at even the very mention of anal sex, so I took great delight in the look of deep terror in her wide and pretty eyes when I would grin and say:

“Right then, lets get this massive hard-on as far up your bottom as we can, shall we?”

There’s more. Oh, so much more.

  1. Dave commented on February 3rd, 2009:

    oh MY. “verbal vigor” is a wonderful way to describe this sizzling writing. Hot stuff.

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