Spanking Miranda

If I’ve got the cast of characters right, Miranda lives with her girlfriend Felicia. Their friends Kate and Fiona came to visit for the weekend. While recovering from a night of drinking, somebody got bored, and before you know it:

So, without further ado they decided that Miranda needed a spanking, or two, or three. They were all very enthusiastic about this and who am I to deny my best friends? With a sigh Miranda followed instructions and soon was her skirt gone and her knickers around her ankles and she was lying over the knee of her girlfriend Felicia.

It was different to have an audience, I must say. It was much harder to relax and give in to the spanking. I struggled to keep my composure while Felicia, equipped with the hairbrush did her best to make me lose that same composure.

When there is someone looking who is not your most intimate friend you tend to think about where they are sitting, in what angle they look at you, what parts of your anatomy is on display and such things. It is all very embarrassing.

When she was done, my bottom was rather tender but Fiona took no notice but declared that she should continue with the correction of me. She was very keen on trying the bath brush and Felicia gave her the go ahead.

Fiona is a strong woman and although she didn’t put all her strength in it she made an impression. They all found it very amusing and to some extent I was with them. I managed to just about cope with the smacking.

It was inevitable that Kate would have a go too. She decided to use the hairbrush…

  1. Dia commented on January 15th, 2009:

    What a cute story… I need to find friends like that! (I have a friend I am pretty sure is a spanko, but she is so sedate and religious, I don’t think I can get her to admit to it. She just has that “spank me” look).

    Love your blog, btw. I have just finished reading through every single page since you began. My personal preference is for the non-DD, non-severe spanking that you and Bethie showcase so well. Finding your blog has helped me feel more comfortable with this aspect of my sexuality… and has been purely delightful reading!

  2. SpankBoss commented on January 15th, 2009:

    Dia, the whole thing? Gosh, that must have taken some time! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog, thanks for the kind words.

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