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I just discovered by accident that bondage blogger Greydancer has been guest-directing at the Twisted Factory and was helping to produce the shoot where Penny Play got spanked that I blogged about yesterday. In fact, he wrote:

Penney’s body just glowed after the ropes went on. And her ass… My lord. I know that there are many supposed BDSM porn actresses who sort of “fake” the impact of the spanking, who can’t actually handle very much impact play. Penney, however, is actually a lifestyle player, and as such could take a walloping far greater than we actually had time to film. I stand here as a witness, folks: nothing feigned in this particular red ass!

Nice to know, and fun to find out. Thanks, Greydancer!

  1. Zille commented on December 15th, 2008:

    I’m friends with Penny (would like to be even *better* friends with her…) and I have to say that in person, that ass is even finer than in the pictures! She is pretty much perfection from any angle … and she really is a lifestyle player — the last time my Master and I went to the dungeon, there she was on the St. Andrews Cross with a local Domme whacking away at her back and bottom! Needless to say, we stayed and watched for a good long while! ;)

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