Spanking By Saudek

I’ve been aware for years of photographer Jan Saudek’s sometimes-disturbing, often-sexual, always-surreal photographs. But I never knew until I saw this post that he’d done a spanking image:

Jan Saudek spanking photo

See? That’s what happens to naughty violin students who don’t practice during the week!

  1. Thoughtful Spanker commented on December 6th, 2008:

    As a musician I noticed two things, one made me cringe. First she’s leaning on the neck of her violin, hopefully in a fit of passion she doesn’t snap it. The second is that he appears to be keeping the beat with his left foot, tapping heel to toe as musicians often do. Sorry just a nerdy musicians thing

    There is much more to contemplate here, she appears to have lost a stocking, nor does it look like panties were ever part of this picture. Thanks for steering us to this site and this artist in particular. Great material.

  2. 27strokes commented on December 7th, 2008:

    Saudek has done a few spanking photos. There are at least three in the Taschen book of his work, and there’s another violin themed one here:


    [edited to break the link but leave it visible; Russian upload sites aren’t always safe and I don’t have time to check this one out ]

  3. David commented on December 7th, 2008:


    Thanks for posting this.

    Wow. I’m putting a print of that picture on my wish-list. I traced it back to the artist’s
    site in Czech Republic and he offers it for a few hundred euros.

    I know _just where in my bedroom_ it will go…

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