Whipped By Nuns

There’s a long and evidently ancient poem at Classic Kink called The Spectacles, starring a young man who disguises himself as a nun and sneaks into a convent for immoral purposes. Caught with his dick out, so to speak, he’s condemned to the flogging of his life by the nuns…

Who, you may think, enraged at this,
A council calls, wherein it is,
After debate, by all agreed,
With flogging this our youth must bleed.
This said, they seized the luckless wight,
And began to exercise their spite;
They tied him to a tree, that grew
Within the yard, of mournful yew,
Then went to search with indignation
For instruments of flagellation.

The story takes a few turns after this, with a lusty miller yet to be heard from, but the nuns get to have their flogging party all the same. Too long for a blog post: The Spectacles.

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