Now, Listen, Missy!

Too often in modern BDSM porn there will be a tasty spanking, but none of the accompanying kinky condiments that we spanking fetishists often enjoy. For instance, whatever happened to good old-fashioned lecturing?

allison pierce getting a lecture before her bondage spanking

I don’t know what the actual dialog was above, but he easily could be saying “Now, listen here, missy. I’m going to say this once and once only! By the time I’m done spanking you, you’ll know better than to even dream of [insert misbehavior here]…”

Followed, of course, but a nice and helpless bondage spanking:

a bondage punishment spanking for allison pierce

Pictures are from Sex and Submission (picture and video gallery).

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  1. Melissa commented on October 27th, 2008:

    Yes, you’re so right. The tidbits that make traditional spanking play so unique and charming are often absent from much of the BDSM scenes. However, I’ve always figured that it’s because BDSM in general, isn’t really good, old-fashioned traditional spanking. Agreed that it would be nice to have more of a mix when it comes to BDSM. Personally, I’ll take it where I can get it.

  2. Spank Slaves Spanking Porn » Bondage Bottom Spanking commented on December 28th, 2012:

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