Spanking And Oral Sex … For An Audience

From Informed Consent, a summer’s day dalliance:

I was with my girlfriend on her roof top, high above Edinburgh enjoying the sunshine some cold beer and a spliff. We could hear the sound of leather on willow and the applause from the assembled spectators drifting up from Inverleith cricket ground.

One thing led to another as it does, and jeans came off bras were unfastened and knickers came down, yes things were getting hot, I gave her arse a bit of a slapping for good measure, then got down to some serious tongue work. X girl was by this time giving it large with the vocal stuff, making it quite clear what she wanted more of.

Our senses seemed to become heightened, the sounds became loude,r orgasm girl said “what’s that cheering?” “The cricket ground”, I replied. We sat up and looked around, on the roof of the building opposite (which had hitherto been empty) sat a row of guys in deck chairs applauding and cheering wildly, some waving cans of beer. We replaced clothes with as much dignity as we had left (not a lot) and made our way to the stairs trying hard to look like we didn’t care…

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