Nomi’s Spanking

From the Spanking Delights blog, Jake decides it’s time to try out his new canes:

Once I had Nomi face down over the bed, I slapped her with right hand, and built up a nice rhythm and the colouring came up quickly.

The warmth in her bottom was transferring to my hand and so I decided to use our lovely yellow rubber spoon. It makes the most delightful clapping sound. I beat that bottom making the force of the slap harder and harder and I started to talk about the fact that she had been pushing the time that she was going to bed to being later and later. In a very girly voice, she apologised and I took that as a sign that she needed to be beaten harder and the colouring was so vivid on her buttocks. This continued for a while and then the went back to using my hand. I was impressed that my hand was causing her such discomfort. It was a pleasure to watch.

Then it was time for the new canes and I started off with the short straight cane with the comfortable rubber grip. It is so easy to use and it is so easy to strike the buttocks with, for a new flicks of the wrist I was able to cause the easiest of pain. Nomi cried out and I told her that it was good to hear her in agony.

After twelve strokes, I changed to the thinner of the three canes. It was so nice and made a lovely sound as it cut through the air. It makes a thinner line on the bottom and as I flick my wrist a tad more, it easily causes more discomfort as was event by the squeals that were escaping from Nomi. I increased the pressure and the cane did a perfect job of striking her bottom.

Mr. Whippy came into play and I was going to make sure that Nomi felt the last 24 strokes. I was careful to in force the message about keeping us up late and the sleep nearly all day. The cane bit into the flesh and Nomi was controlling her breathing and her low moans were telling me that this was more than a punishment. It was turning Nomi on, it was easy to tell.

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