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I’ve added a new spanking blog to the list, called Spanking, Sex, and Other Dirty Stuff. Most posts are by “Slave Justine”, and she doesn’t always write a lot of details. However, each post, like this one, is faithfully accompanied by very pretty photos of her spanked and caned bottom:

I was punished with the “cane” last night. I wrote “cane” because it is not a cane… No, it is MUCH worse than a cane… And it hurts like hell… (actually I had managed to hide it for a long time, but one night when we were talking about it I managed (yes, I know I’m stupid), to tell him were I had hidden it).

But maybe I should tell you why I was punished?

Well, it all started with a party where I got a bit drunk and I started to smoke some cigarettes. And, as you know, I’m not aloud to smoke. So, Master got angry at me, and then he took my handbag and there he found my cigarette-pack… And he broke it in two, with all the cigarettes inside. I got really angry then, and then I actually let my drink down on masters back. Could I be more stupid?!?

We went home early, and then Master caned me.

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