Threatening A Slave With The Belt

If you know your Gor books, you’ll recognize Tarl Cabot’s inimitable style as he uses the threat of a spanking with a leather belt to menace a new slavegirl into his furs:

“This morning,” she said, “I was free.”

“You are now a slave,” I said.

“Yes, Master,” she said.

I looked up at the late afternoon skies. The tarn had not yet returned. Yet I was not displeased.

I looked down at the girl. “Go to my things,” I said. “Spread furs upon the grass.”

“I am a virgin,” she said.

“You are white-silk,” I said.

“Please do not use that vulgar expression of me,” she begged.

“Do not fear,” I said. “It will soon be inappropriate.”

“Show me mercy,” she begged.

“Spread the furs,” I said.

“Please,” she begged.

“I have no slave whip at hand,” I said, “but I trust my belt will serve.”

She leaped to her feet. “I will spread the furs, Master,” she said.

“Then lie on them on your belly,” I said.

“Yes, Master,” she said.

She spread the furs on the grass by the tree, and then lay on them, on her belly.

“Throw your hair forward and over your head,” I said.

She did so. The collar was now clearly visible on her neck. I stood behind her, and dropped my accouterments to the side.

“Why did you make me a slave?” she whispered.

“It pleased me,” I said.

I crouched beside her and took her by the right arm and hair, and turned her to her back on the furs. She was delicately beautiful. She would ravish well.

“Please be kind to me, Master,” she begged.

“I have not had a woman in four days,” I told her. Then she cried out.

From Beasts of Gor.

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