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I’m always interested in accounts of stinging nettles, like this one in the book Painful Performances by Richard Garwood. Sadly, it strikes me as both overwritten and underdetailed, if that’s possible:

A tormentor came towards her with some leaves in a gloved hand. Suddenly Sarah felt the fearful prickle of thistles on her bottom and then two slashes across her breasts took away her breath. There was a pause and she felt a thin cord being tied round her waist. From this was hung a small bunch of leaves and the whipping began
again. It took Sarah several seconds to realise that these leaves were stinging nettles and that the pain was excruciating. She tried to move her legs back so that the leaves hung forward only to receive a startling strike across her buttocks with the same plant.

Sarah danced in agony, her breasts jiggling to every movement of her legs and body. She tried twisting only to find more excruciating blows from bunches of leaves. The blows continued but she was beyond feeling them and fell into shock, finally hanging motionless from the frame with her head drawn back and her breathing stertorous.

Also, what place does the phrase “fell into shock” have in ostensibly erotic novel?

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  1. ~melly commented on April 15th, 2008:

    ::Sadly, it strikes me as both overwritten and underdetailed, if that’s possible::

    i tend to agree. if you’re going to be wordy and botuse, you can at least make it sexy. *sigh* and what IS it with the “fell into shock”? what pisses me off is the remarkable QUICKNESS with which the bottom/torturee/etc. falls completely away in an exhaustive state that renders them completely incapable of doing anything but “hanging there”. i mean, jeez, Master and i BOTh have to put in a good deal more effort to get to that place, these girls just.. “fall” into it. *pout!* i envy them.

    i guess that’s why it’s fiction. *smiles*

    *ponders where to find nettles in southern missouri…*

  2. Kinky Farmwife commented on April 22nd, 2008:

    Just had a brush with the nettles yesterday (not in the sexual context but while prowling my land), and don’t understand what’s the appeal of eroticizing the experience. It’s like whipping your partner with poison ivy or something.

  3. SpankBoss commented on April 22nd, 2008:

    Well, what’s erotic to different people varies, of course. Inflicting nettles on someone is not hard to explain in the erotic imagination of someone with a bit of sadism in their makeup; and the fact that they are about the safest way to inflict a lot of pain on someone, completely without violence or the risk of bruising or cutting, has practical appeal. In fiction, at least — I have no experience of this — they are often used on various soft and tender bits that can’t be easily and safely caned or spanked. There are whole books of Victorian spanking fiction that feature nettles prominently, so that, too, could explain why they feature in various people’s fantasies.

    A whole book of reasons, though, won’t make them erotic to someone who doesn’t find them so. People just vary.

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