Hiding The Quirt

Somehow I think this sounds like a doomed strategy:

Fresh in the post this morning arrived a quirt (which looks a little like this). When I purchased said item from Ebay, for a very reasonable £12 including delivery, a couple of weeks ago, I thought it looked rather harmless.

Wrong. Wronger than a very wrong thing.

It’s rather brutal. So, I’ve decided to hide it. Now, you’d think I’d keep silent about it’s arrival. Oh, noes, not I. Here goes the phone call…

Me: That quirt’s arrived and I’ve hidden it.

Girl, that’s so not going to work.

  1. Ken commented on April 10th, 2008:

    Quirt, a small usually no more than two feet long whip carried by cowboys of old mostly some do now but none that I know of except maybe to show off, but it is a horse whip, plain an simple usually made of rawhide and leather, nasty little fellas when used on a human’s skin, which is WAY thinner than horse hide…………oh actually some are a work of art and on display in cowboy museums like the cowboy hall of fame. Alot of head stalls and quirts were made to match and some adorned in silver. Remember the movie “The ManWho shot Liberty Valance” ? Lee Marvin held one in a saloon seen in that movie. yep pretty good attention getter, especially on people………….Ken

  2. Your lil ayana commented on April 11th, 2008:

    now Master, how may this one get away with hiding Your quirts?

  3. JB commented on April 12th, 2008:

    My lady kneels in front of me and sucks my dick. I use the quirt on her ass to great benefit. Every now and then I direct a strike dead center. The wicked little tongues on Mr. Quirt curl around and sting her in a most sensitive spot. She becomes all the more vigorous in her attentions to me. I recommend it

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