Upgrade On The Hickory Switch

Although young ladies used to get switched on their calves in the days when modesty prohibited hiking up their skirts, the calf has since fallen out of favor as a punishment zone. And why not? In this more flesh-soaked era, a woman in trouble cannot rely on modesty to save her more tender and private areas from the lash. So the calves generally don’t enter into it.

None of which, obviously, is inhibiting Mark Davis as he whales away with the cane:

caned on her calves

Nobody, I think, has ever accused Mark of being a nice man (at least, not when he’s got his game face on, in the Sex and Submission studios. I’m sure he’s a pussycat in real life.)

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  1. David commented on April 7th, 2008:

    great choice of words, SpankBoss.

    But are you sure you meant “flesh-soaked” and not “soaked-flesh?” :)


  2. Pandora commented on April 8th, 2008:

    I’ve been caned on my calves. It doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think … it’s mainly muscle, so the thud hurts like buggery, but the skin isn’t sensitive enough for there to be much sting (compare and contrast, eg. the backs of the thighs). What it does to is mark like crazy. The flesh there is completely unused to it. I had swollen egg-shaped bruises with white lines running through them, from canestrokes the same weight as those which barely marked my thighs. Very odd! It was fascinating and kind of cool, but (for me) not terribly erotic.

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