Spanked At the Philadelphia Museum Of Art

It sounds like Sar, aka “The Imp”, narrator and bratty heroine of the Pieces blog, has had a long and hard winter with altogether too much time spent in the hospital. But she’s getting up to her old tricks again, or at least up to reminiscing about them:

Museums all over the world are featuring new exhibits and I want to see them all. An exhibit of Frida Kahlo – artist, icon, rebel – is at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I could run up those stairs like Rocky did to see her work.

I tried that a time or two. The first time I did that, I was really out of breath and Cowboy yelled at me for running. It was winter time and I warmed up fast – in more ways than one.

The second time I ran up all those stairs, the Neanderthal chased me! And behind one of those fat columns near the entrance, he gave me a swat! In public! Needless to say I didn’t share my snacks with him. Tsk.

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