Laural And Hardy Give A Spanking

Or rather, one of them gives a spanking while the other makes (presumably comic) remarks:

This comes from my thick backlog of spanking images to blog, and sadly, I don’t have time this morning to try and google up some provenance. If anybody knows the movie, the actress, et cetera, I’m sure there will be readers who will be happy to see that information in the comments.

Which is a polite way of saying “Dance, minions, dance!” {grin}

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  1. Richard Windsor commented on March 15th, 2008:

    The full details of this pic I am not totally aware of, but I do have the barest of information. This picture was taken during a Laurel and Hardy promotional tour of Australia. The girl in the pic is an Australian lass but her exact role I forget now. She was either an assistant or a make up artist, something like that. On one of the many hard drives I have I know I have a more detailed clipping from years ago which says exactly who the girl is, unfortunately, this is going to be on one of the hard drives that no longer boots up :-(

    Richard Windsor.

  2. SpankBoss commented on March 15th, 2008:

    Richard, thanks for the info. Your post made me laugh, because I have a friend who estimates he has pictures on 200 hard drives he’s accumulated over the years, only some of which will spin up. :( One of his goals is to buy one of those new terabyte drives and consolidate all his files, but it’s a big job.

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