A Spanking For The Party Girl

This spanking is an excerpt — and by no means the best part! — from This Is Not A Story About Andrew, by Vinnie Tesla. A girl comes to Vinnie’s party and proves to be unexpectedly friendly. One thing leads to another, which eventually leads to this:

“Mmmm, that was nice,” she said, and flicked her tongue across my
nipple, “What’s next?”

“For the moment, you do more of *that,*” I insisted, and pressed her
head to my chest. She licked away eagerly at my nipple, while
continuing to masturbate me.

“Oh, yeah…And then,” I said, running a hand down to her ass, “I
give you that spanking you asked for.”

I took her head in my hands and kissed her, running my hands over her
jawline and temples. Then I sat up, and roughly pulled her over my
lap. She looked over her shoulder at me, as I stroked the bewitching
curves of her posterior and firm, tapered thighs. “Do I get to play
with my pussy while you’re spanking me?” she asked ingenuously.

“Eventually,” I answered. “I want to do it at first though.”

“That’s even better!” she said, and spread her legs a little. I ran my
hand down between her thighs, and cupped the furry heat of her
center. I gently squeezed the outer lips around her clitoral hood
until she was rocking against my hand, her hips elevated, her face
pressed against the comforter.

My first spank made her jump, and left a faint pink mark. I spanked
her steadily for a minute or so, roughly in rhythm with my other
hand. Her fists clenched by her head, and she interspersed short
grunts with her higher-pitched moans.

I paused in my spanks, but not in my rubbing, and stroked and kissed
the heated rosy flesh, as her rocking subsided and then intensified
again. I found the slippery opening of her cunt, and slid my thumb in
to the heat inside, eliciting a groan of “Yeah!” and followed with a
flurry of hard spanks that had her starting to struggle. I rubbed her
clit with my forefingers while working my thumb inside her cunt, and
settled my spanking back into a steady rhythm.

As I continued with my hand at her cunt, I brought the spanking hand
around to her face, where I slid my index and middle fingers into her
mouth. She sucked eagerly at them, cradling my hand in hers, mumbling
something with her mouth full.

“What?” I asked, withdrawing my fingers.

“Fuck me.” she repeated, “Fuck me now, Vincent.” Her hips were
slamming against my hand now, as I served as more dildo than
vibrator. Reluctantly, I withdrew my hand, eliciting a frustrated
groan, and slid out from under my willing victim. She started to turn
over, and I gave her a sharp bite on her reddened ass. “You stay right
there,” I demanded.

  1. Nick commented on March 5th, 2008:

    and..and…and…. WHAT THEN? when do we get the next bit? I love this piece for its spanking eroticsm. We know who the initiator is, but both are in charge, and both are charged up. There is not so clear a dom and sub: this is my (21st century) eroticsm, and one I rarely get to enjoy. Anyone else feel this way?

  2. Vinnie Tesla His Own Self commented on March 7th, 2008:

    Hey, thanks so much for the recommendation! Through mostly dumb luck, I blundered on this entry, and I’m delighted to see that old story of mine getting some attention. If people want to read more of my stuff, there’s a bunch of stories, including a slightly prettier full version of TINASAA at my website

    Oh, and Nick– if you enjoy compicated questions of who’s in charge in your spanking porn, I may have your 19th century eroticism taken care of as well.

  3. Rimming Molly In The Basement - ErosBlog: The Sex Blog commented on March 8th, 2008:

    […] course she does eventually get her spanking, which is how (via Spanking Blog) I came upon this story.   This entry was posted on […]

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