For Bigger Bottoms

Alert reader JC was kind enough to send in this link, about a dance craze in the Ivory Coast that’s inspired a national appreciation of bigger-bottomed girls, so much so that there’s now a brisk trade in bogus bottom-enlarging creams:

A national dance craze in Ivory Coast has spawned a black market in treatments claiming to increase one’s bottom size.

The dance in question has been inspired by DJ Mix and DJ Eloh’s hit song Bobaraba, which means “big bottom” in the local Djoula language.

When it plays you can be guaranteed that the dance floor will be packed with people shaking their derrieres.

While the dance has been embraced by both sexes, DJ Mix says it was inspired by women.

“We made it as a tribute to women, because African women are defined by the shape of their bottoms,” he says.

“Move your bottom, jump, you see, it’s alive.”

Kady Meite, one of his dancers, says the song is a message for women.

“There are women today with large bottoms who are embarrassed, so it’s to say don’t be ashamed – be comfortable,” she says.

JC embellishes:

I couldn’t stop myself extrapolating the possibilities… I imagine a “spanking stall” down the street from the happening night clubs that promised a little sensuous swelling to passersby would do quite a lot of business.

  1. Abby commented on February 27th, 2008:

    With the exception of women possibly going to dangerous extremes to either enlarge or decrease the size of their bottoms, I think the amount of press bottoms are getting these days is just fantastic. It may be why certain sudden activities in my life were timed with my random switch to listening to hip-hop. Bottoms, bottoms, and more bottoms! They’re also popping up more in advertisements and general pop media (TV, radio, etc.). I’m certainly more comfortable with mine these days.

    LOVE the idea of the spanking stall… Kissing booths, watch your back!

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