More Phantom Spankings

This comic book spanking given by The Phantom has been floating around the web for awhile, but I just discovered two more spanking panels at Vintage Spank:

the phantom gives a spanking

the phantom spanks two girls

My favorite part, as always, is the complaint that the spanking hurt. “Oh, Phantom, I wanted you to grab me with those big strong hands, but it wasn’t the way I expected it would be!”

  1. hermione commented on February 11th, 2008:

    I wish I’d known. I would’ve stolen my cousin’s Phantom comics and read (savoured) them.

    Oh, well, Little Lulu and Nancy got spanked a lot too.

  2. ian jones commented on April 13th, 2010:

    ive never seen any pics of lulu being spanked, only nancy.

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