Leather Thorn Christmas Paddles

Bethie is starting to get caught up on blogging about the spanking goodies that were under our Christmas tree this year. I have particularly had fun with the two paddles made by John at Leather Thorn:

leather spanking paddles

We have always enjoyed his work. Thanks, John!

  1. OFBG commented on February 6th, 2008:

    John is a true craftsman. I own a Leather Thorn paddle and it is one of my favorites.

  2. Dave commented on February 8th, 2008:

    Never quite seen paddles like that before–a work of art. Will take a closer look at the leather thorn site.

    Good bloggin’ to ya,

  3. o-gal commented on February 8th, 2008:

    I LOVE John’s stuff. I think I may have one of everything he makes…and some awesome custom pieces too. Did you know he’s having a Name That Paddle Contest right now? Here’s the link: http://leatherthornpaddles.homestead.com/Contest.html. Yay Leather Thorn!!

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