Tawse On The Hand

It’s been a while since I gave you your dose of naked schoolgirls getting tawsed on their hands. So now it’s time:

naked school girl getting a tawsing

nude schoolgirl tawsed on her hands

See? She looks sorry already.

From HD Spank.

  1. Adele Haze commented on January 29th, 2008:

    I was going to ask how you knew she was a schoolgirl when she’s naked, and only then did I think of clicking through to the full gallery. D’oh. ;)

  2. Al commented on February 25th, 2008:

    The nudity and humiliation is fine but I find nothing erotic about the hand strapping. Indeed this is just violent treatment of a delicate non-sexy part of the body.

  3. SpankBoss commented on February 25th, 2008:

    LOL at Al.

    Hey Al, how did you get the job of defining which parts of the body are sexy? Since you’ve apparently got the power to determine that hands are not sexy, do you think you could put in a word for getting male beer bellies declared sexy?

    Just kidding. But the serious message here is that you need to work on your tolerance a little bit. You did it right with “I find nothing erotic” — that’s a statement of personal preference, although saying “I don’t like this sort of thing” to strangers on the internet always carries with it a whiff of “you shouldn’t either”.

    However, the whiff becomes a stench when you marry it to “these other things are fine but” — which means that you’re saying the thing you don’t like is not fine. If you don’t like it, don’t view it — but why are you condemning it here?

    And you have completely crossed the line by calling hand-strapping “violent” in a condemnatory way. BDSM, at least the non-bondage parts, is all about the controlled application of pain, and one way pain is created is by hitting things. So, basically, you just joined the legion of kinky people (I assume kinky, or why be reading about schoolgirl spankings?) who decided it was a good idea to stop and tell the rest of us “You’re not doing it right. The stuff I like, that’s kinky, but you like that other stuff that doesn’t turn me on, that’s just violent, and you should cut it the hell out.”

    Needless to say, I don’t have a lot of time for kinky people who try to condemn other kinky people for being kinky the wrong way. I’ve ranted about this before.

    The one thing I do agree with is that fingers and hand-bones are small and delicate, which means that hitting them for BDSM purposes needs to be done with a great deal of care and common sense. Frankly, it’s one of the games that’s not for me — though mostly just because it doesn’t carry much erotic charge for me. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got some long-time and valuable readers who (a) find it a lot of fun indeed, on the receiving end, even, and (b) are more sanguine about the risks, with lots of practical experience to back up their sanguinity.

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