Spanking And Vibration

Sounds like a fun spanking evening at Bonnie’s house:

While I was changing, he had placed a blanket over the wooden bench and a bath towel in the center on top of the blanket. After several minutes of delicious kissing and fondling, Randy whispered in my ear.

“Straddle the bench and sit on the towel.” I complied. I had expected to be told to either bend over the bench or lie upon it. Randy’s plan wasn’t anything quite so conventional.

“Lean forward” was my next whispered command. When I did so, I felt something slide beneath me from back to front. It was a very odd sensation. Only later did I learn that he shoved an inactive bullet-shaped vibrator inside the towel. The vibrator sat partially in a crevice between the slats in the bench such that it didn’t quite feel as though I was sitting on something.

Until he turned it on, that is! Wow. I practically stood up when the buzzing startled me. It felt great, but I just didn’t expect it at that moment. Before I could recover from that first shock, the tip of the riding crop made abrupt contact with the skin of my left cheek. Ow!

“Sit down and lean forward.”

Again I took my place atop the undulating towel. Again my bottom felt the fierce kiss of the whip.

These twin sensations were so amazing that I barely had a chance to reflect upon how available and vulnerable my bottom was in this position. Randy took full advantage by striking all over my quickly reddening globes. It hurt to be sure, but it was a hurt I craved.

I found myself gently rocking my hips to maximize the effect of the vibrations. The cumulative effects of snap, sting, rub, and buzz quickly overtook me and I began to pant with passion. Sensing my approaching climax, Randy applied the crop swiftly and sharply. My entire being quaked with orgasmic release. I squeezed my eyes shut as waves of pleasure and pain and pleasure swept me away.

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