Whips And Exercise

Fans of the motivational power of high-velocity leather will appreciate the “slavercising” going on in this shoot from The Training Of O. You’ve got your basic stretching:

naked forced exercise for slavegirl devaun

And running in place:

running in place enforced by whippings for slave girl devaun

And then you’ve got your advanced class, which would be nearly-impossible bondage duck-walking:

nearly impossible bondage stress positions for slavegirl devaun

Yeah, she’s feeling the burn:

devaun in tears from the pain and stress of bondage duckwalking and whipping

Even under the blindfold, in this picture you can hear her thinking “Just how much further do I have to go?”

devaun exhaustedly continues her bondage slavercise

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Detention House 2: Collective Punishment Extreme

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