Spanking Limerick On A Postcard

Found this spanking and sailing gem on eBay:

postcard with a spanking limerick

It reads:

The pretty young wife of the banker
Sweetly slept while the yacht lay at anchor,
But she woke in dismay
When she heard the mate say:
“Let’s life up the top sheet and spanker.”

  1. Anon commented on December 16th, 2007:

    This is a rather complicated naughty nautical double entendre.

    A top sheet is a part of the rigging of a sailboat, a spanker is, per Meriam-Webster:


    origin unknown

    1 : the fore-and-aft sail on the mast nearest the stern of a square-rigged ship
    2 : the sail on the mast nearest the stern of a schooner of four or more masts

  2. SpankBoss commented on December 17th, 2007:

    Er, thanks, I think.

    But it’s not all that complicated — those terms are familiar (at least, as part of sailing jargon, if not fully understood) to anybody who’s read any nautical fiction.

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