Public Spanking In Prague

From the Night And Day column in the Prague Post:

A simple birthday party at Jáma turned ugly … well, not ugly, but — um — let’s just say it took a sophomoric turn when about 12 people formed an impromptu “spanking machine” to punish the 18 year-old guest of honor. If you’re one of those studious science-club types who missed out on this, spanking machines served as a kind of ritual bridge from adolescent outcast to tribal member, a solemn ceremony bonding youth to their social group. Which, of course, is an anthropologic way to explain why a group of pre-teens (or in this case, adults) would wallop the hindquarters of another pre-teen (in this case, teen) on her birthday. Some things make perfect sense on a Friday night in Prague.

Tsk, tsk! Kids these days…

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