On The Maintenance Of Slavegirls

So, let’s say you’ve got some sweet young thing enslaved and incarcerated in the bottom of your dungeon:

slavegirl in dungeon

Of course, from time to time, you have take her out and play with her. It’s the only humane thing to do, right?

exercising your slavegirl with a whip

Of course, it’s incumbent upon the lady of a great household like this (and we know this must be one of the great houses of Europe, for when do we find dungeons of such quality in the minor houses of Europe?) to display a genuine warm and friendly interest in the maintenance and exercise of the slavegirls. Which this particular great lady is doing: “How’s her bottom, dear? Is it done yet?”

lady smiling at whipped slavegirl

Pictures are from Pain Gate.

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  1. The Fellatio Artist & The Geek commented on November 24th, 2007:

    Love the sardonic humor in your commentary. The look on the matrons face is priceless. We stumbled upon you from Kinkerbelle’s. We really liked the web design element of the barely seen reddened backside up-skirt to the right here and ow as you scroll down finally, all is revealed. Very nice touch!

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