Eager For The Cane

I admire the way author Mark Steward portrays this young lady who wants a caning, but doesn’t want to ask for it outright:

Tanya’s buttocks healed quickly, thanks to the liniment the surgeon had left with her. She had been very careful of her conduct and had, so far, escaped the captain’s cane. But this state of affairs could not last for ever and she knew that before the voyage ended she would have to submit to being caned by him.

Surprisingly, the thought did not fill her with revulsion and fear as she considered it would. Several times, when left alone in the cabin, she had taken the cane from the cupboard and flexed it between her small hands. It was supple and thin and it seemed strange to her that such an inanimate object could come to life in a man’s hand and cause such pain in her buttocks.

The truth of this was to be brought home to her in no uncertain manner before long. One morning, one of the young midshipmen, he couldn’t have been more than seventeen years old, came to the cabin to collect a telescope the captain had forgotten to take on deck with him. Instead of merely handing him the instrument, she made him stay and talk to her for a while. She was interested to find out as much as she could about the captain. In a short time, she learned a lot, mostly to his credit.

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted when the captain himself barged into the cabin, his face clouded with anger. “What are you doing?” he shouted at the young man. “It does not take you ten minutes just to fetch something. You were ordered to return immediately. I will speak to Mr Noakes. Now get back to your duties.” So saying, he followed the fleeing lad and slammed the door behind him.

Tanya was in a state of confused agitation. His entry had taken her by surprise and his exit had shaken her. She suddenly remembered how he had introduced the cane to her. ‘Similar to what is used on the midshipmen’, he had said. Had she been the cause of the young lad getting a thrashing? This thought was still troubling her when John Macklay returned to the cabin an hour later.

“What will you do to that young lad, Sir?” she dared to ask.

“He will be flogged for dereliction of duty.”

“It was not his fault,” Tanya blurted out. “He would have returned immediately, but I made him stay and tell me about life on board!” she tried to explain. “I said you wouldn’t mind. It is not fair to have him punished.”

The captain turned on her, anger showing on his face and in his eyes. “You had no right to assume whether I would mind or not,” he said. “He knew this and should not have stayed.” The blatant anger clearly showing in his voice, gave Tanya an insight into an aspect of his character that had, so far not been apparent. It showed that beneath his apparently mild exterior he was a strict disciplinarian.

Tanya thought of the cane, which still hung in the cupboard, and shuddered. As much as she dreaded and hated even the thought of it lashing her bottom, she knew what she must do. The young boy had been friendly towards her and it would not be fair for him to be beaten because of her.

“No matter what you say, it was my fault not his. If anyone must be punished, it should be me,” she stammered. “I will take his punishment for him,” she added, speaking softly and trying to hide the terror she felt from showing in her voice.

“So be it!” he said. “I will see that he gets let off with a caution. I would have ordered eighteen strokes for him. Bend over the end of the desk.”

Tanya stood still for a second or two as realization of what she was to endure sank in. He had not ordered her to bare her bottom, but some inner sense told her that would be what he would require. Instead of raising her skirts and bending, almost unconsciously, her hands undid the buttons of her dress. It slid to the floor, followed almost immediately by her undergarments. She hesitated, standing naked before him, then walked to the desk. She felt the edge press against the top of her thighs. She bent over, feeling the cool wood against her stomach and reached forward and gripped the far end of the top tightly. She felt the coolness of the cane touching her trembling cheeks.

“Since you were honest and owned up and prevented the lad from being wrongly punished, I will let you off with only ten strokes,” John Macklay said sternly. “But do not do it again.”

“No, Sir!” Tanya stammered, and as she felt the cane leave her cheeks.

The words had hardly left her lips when she heard the cane swish through the air and the report of it striking her bare flesh. Immediately a line of fire erupted in her bottom. Whereas the rope had burnt, the cane left behind a thin line, which felt as it a white-hot iron had been laid against her. She managed to keep still and stifle the scream that surged in her throat.

From Trained In The Harem.

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